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The Health Devices Research Group (HDRG) at the University of Ottawa, was formed in 2012 with the goal of performing state-of-the-art research in monitoring vital signs of people based on wearable and contactless technologies. Our vision is to develop intelligent systems that perform continuous, non-invasive and unobtrusive monitoring of vital signs, detecting falls and activities of people as well as learning and distinguishing patterns that can lead to worsening of symptoms of monitored people. We currently collaborate with the Heart Institute, The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre, National Research Council and several companies in Canada with the common goals on making our systems useful to elderly people in general, as well as people with conditions such as heart failure and arteriosclerosis. Our expertise is in biomedical instrumentation, signal processing and machine learning.  


January 2021: Two new Ph.D. students joined our group: Mohamad Hosein Davoodabadi Farahani and Fardad Dadboud.

September 2021: New Ph.D. student joined our group: Cristóvão Iglesias.

July 2020: We received a grant from NSERC related to COVID-19 research in collaboration with J&M Group: "Thermal imaging for efficient detection of vital signs during COVID-19 pandemic."

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Our research group is grateful to Dr. Izmail Batkin who left us in September 2018 for his original approach to research, great and innovative ideas, his entrepreneurial spirit, his tireless work with students and his dissatisfaction with the ordinary. We are continuing our work following the example set by Izmail.

Research Demonstrations 

Breathing rate monitoring using radars

Recent talks and presentations

M. Bolic, “ Integrating Scientific Theory with Machine Learning,” December 2020.
H. Sadreazami, M. Bolic and S. Rajan, “ Supervised learning approach for Radar-based Fall Detection,” Presentation, MEMEA 2019.
S. He, H. R. Dajani, R. D. Meade, G. P. Kenny, M. Bolic, “ Continuous Tracking Changes in Systolic Blood Pressure using BCG and ECG,” Presentation, EMBC 2019.

Other Presentations